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Empowering modern superwomen through nutrition knowledge, a supportive community and a Mediterranean mindset to enjoy food, feel better, and power dreams in life!!

Healthy Out of Habit provides a peEk into the food, health, and lifestyle habits of Mediterraneans, and applies these ancient traditions
to modern life.

As a mother, a nutritionist, and a serial urbanite—by way of Aix-en-Provence to San Diego to New York City to Barcelona—I "get it" regarding the challenges of eating well, managing a career, raising a family and planning mealtime. HEALTHY OUT OF HABIT is the place for all you superwomen wanting to eat healthy without perfection and dieting, spend less time overthinking everything and waaay more time enjoying life.

I help women #disruptdieting by ditching the diet trends and food fads, and setting sustainable habits to feel better. . .for good. . .for life.

Living in Barcelona, Spain, for seven years, life here has taught me that each food is so much "more than the sum of its parts."  Transitioning from the micronutrient-focused education during my dietetics training to the lifestyle approach here in the Mediterranean has helped me simplify my own life and create health—out of habit—rather than dieting or perfection. Now, I share these secrets with other women by mixing nutrition science, European flair and real world tools.

Think of me as your efficiency manager for health.


Why Focus on Women?

What we women eat matters because it affects our health, our happiness, our productivity and our success (not to mention the future health, happiness, and success of those who depend on us—no pressure ladies).

Yet, the simple task of deciding what to eat has become monstrously difficult. We are in a period of nutrition overload. One could compare it to trying to get a glass of water from a raging fire hose - no filter and no direction. This method is inefficient, ineffective and excessive waste of your valuable time. So, why get a glass of water from a fire hose when you can get it from a water filter instead? HEALTHY OUT OF HABIT filters the nutrition science, food news, meal planning basics and healthy lifestyle habits into digestible and actionable resources for modern superwomen balancing career, family, life, and health. Psst... that´s you!


Women have to eat well more often, yet not perfectly. Instead of beating yourself up for what you are not doing perfectly, celebrate when you do something awesome and use that momentum to form new habits. It´s a tall order, nourishing mankind and being awesome, but who better to save the world than a supportive community of superwomen?

If you believe in eating real food with real people and having real fun in the process, join us on the pathway of living Healthy Out of Habit.

Let´s move forward... together.

Official Bio

Denine is a REGISTERED DIETITIAN NUTRITIONIST, writer, consultant and former New Yorker turned Mediterranean currently living in Barcelona, Spain. She provides a unique perspective on food, nutrition, family and healthy lifestyle specializing in online nutrition education and public health promotion.

Denine Cimmons Stracker, MPH, RDN, completed the Dietetics program at New York University and internship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Recent consulting projects include:

  • Instructor for Nutrition 140 - “Nutrition, Weight and Fitness” online course at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.
  • MedDiet Project - funded by the European Union, which aims to increase awareness and promote a return to the traditional Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle as a way of fostering health, environmental sustainability and economic growth within the region.
  • Co-author of the Mediterranean Diet Education Guide for Schools distributed to 6,000 school children and teachers of Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon as part of the European Union funded project to promote wellness.
  • Consultant and co-designer for the "Mediterranean Diet Tray" educational graphic distributed to schools of 6 countries as a method of improving diet and preventing childhood obesity.
  • University of Barcelona – consultant for the Human Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum related to public health nutrition.
  • Freelance Writer - for online health and nutrition resources pertaining to the topics of weight management, childhood nutrition, Mediterranean Diet, prenatal nutrition and general health and wellness.
  • Assistant Instructor University of Massachusetts for the Nutrition 130 “Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle” course.   


Healthy out of Habit inspires and empowers women to eat well without overthinking it.