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The 3 Best Diets For Health and How They Break The Rules of Dieting

For eight years, US News and World Reports has been keeping tabs on which diets are the best and worst for your health, according to a panel of 25 nutrition scientists, professors, and experts.

No, Gwyneth Paltrow of Goop did not make the panel.

To cut through the food fads and nutrition misinformation, experts sifted through the latest research, medical journals, government reports, and resources to rank 40 popular diets according to health, safety, ease, weight loss, and disease prevention.

The results are in, and chances are the diet you are following came in last.

The top three winners excel in their rule-breaking approach to dieting by promoting overall health and joyful eating. As Americans, we tend to talk—okay, obsess a little—about dieting rules, restrictions, guilt, and willpower. Yet, the top three diets flip this concept on its head, breaking apart from the pack of American fad dieting culture.

To find out why the top three diets for health break all the rules of dieting, continue reading my guest post linked here at Jessica Cording Nutrition.

Be a rebel.

Your health depends on it.


Click here to continue reading my guest post at Jessica Cording Nutrition.